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Are you tired of seeing your credit cards rise and your bank accounts drain?

Hi, My Name is Mike...
Did you know the average person struggles with crippling debt, stagnant pay, and a bank account living on life support?
They're tired...frustrated...scared...and confused.
They simply don't know what to do!
In fact the STATISTICS are shocking:
  • ...42% of American workers live paycheck to paycheck., including 25% of those earning more than $100,000 per year....
  • ...29% of American workers have less than $1,000 in savings...
  • ...half have less than one month’s income saved...
  • ​...the personal savings rate in 2014 was just 4.4%, meaning that out of every $1,000 earned, the average American spent all but $44...
  • ​...millennials have a savings rate of negative 2%, thanks to factors like high student loan debt and skyrocketing rent prices.
  • ​...approximately 10 million U.S. households have no bank account whatsoever.
  • ​...the average American household has total debt of $117,951....
  • ​...there are nearly 1.9 billion active credit card accounts in the U.S., split among 199.8 million cardholders. That’s nearly 10 per consumer!...
  • ​ U.S. credit card debt is $793.1 billion....
  • ​...americans spent $70 billion playing the lottery in 2014. That’s about $300 per adult...
  • ​...and yes money is STILL the LEADING cause of friction in marriages!

But what if that didnt have to be YOU???

What if you didn't have to follow in the footsteps of millions of Americans? What if YOU decided to create the life you wanted and not what someone else wanted for you?
Imagine this:
  • Imagine a life where you didn't have to go to a soul sucking job, to get money that barely covers expenses and debt.
  • Imagine having money that allowed you to travel, do work that you loved, and do more than the drudgery of a 9 to 5.
  • Imagine the look and admiration of a significant other, children, family, and friends because you made money while living your dreams.
(If you're interested you MUST read this article to the end)

"I think you should consider welfare..."

That's what my best friend told ME.
He was saying it from the heart.
At the point my life was a mess:
  • I lost ANOTHER job: a reasult of my bad choices and wanting to do things MY way.
  • I was MONTHS behind on the rent and other bills.
  • I had NO income coming in!
  • ​I had COMPLETELY lost the respect of my family and close fr​iends. Most of them were done with me. They saw no hope!

Oh...and I was a Christian by the way.

A born-again-blood-washed-water-and-fire-baptized Christian.
A man on fire for Jesus!!
But I was broke, couldn’t hold a job, was in debt, and was wondering WHEN would God bless ME!!!!!
I was always attracted to the concept of wealth…
…was always looking for ways to make a quick buck…
…read all the self improvement books I could find…
…always took the job with the “six figure” potential. Regardless, whether I liked the job or not…didn’t matter…money was money…
…but I couldn’t seem to get ahead.

"Model those who are ALREADY successful."

I heard that from Tony Robbins.
For some reason that resonated with me. He said the quickest way to success was to MODEL people who were already successful.
Well...I NEEDED the "quickest" way to success humanly possible!!
Here was the problem:
Not everyone who was "successful" or "rich" needed to be modeled.
...some were drunkards...
...some engaged in illegal activities... 
...some were unfaithful to their spouses...
I wanted to follow people who were rich, were people of integrity, and who loved God.


I searched books, news articles, the web...anything I could find about these "Christian millionaires."
According to a study, of the 13.1 million millionaires in the world, 7.4 million, or 56.2%, identify themselves as Christian!
This is in contrast to:
  • ...6.5% who identified themselves as Muslim...
  • ...3.9% who identified themselves as Hindu...
  • ...1.7 % who identified themselves as Jewish...

Why Weren't These Secrets KNOWN??!!

I was shocked.

I realized these Christian millionaires operated differently than other Christians.

Their habits were different...

...their thinking was different...

...their RESULTS were different!

But...they all started poor: no resources, no help and yet they amassed huge fortunes. 


They learned some "secrets."

Jesus said it like this, "You are permitted to understand the secret of the Kingdom of God. But I use parables for everything I say to outsiders." (Mark 4:11 NLT)

When one couple immigrated onto U.S. soil they were eager to learn these secrets. They had a just escaped a dictatorship and were hungry for opportunities. But for sometime they struggled with multiple jobs and NOT ENOUGH INCOME.

But everything changed when they were shown one of these secrets.

Other secrets soon materialized and by 2018 their networths balooned to $3.2 billion dollars!

Another man was in search of those secrets.

He was a below average wage earner who flunked out of NINE jobs in his first six years after college. Everything changed when God showed him a "secret."

Armed with THAT secret and others like it he went onto build a dozen companies from scratch achieving over a billion dollar in sales!

Another family was in DESPERATE need of a secret!
Their finances were in shambles and they were up to their eyeballs in debt:
  • ...three finance company loans at 28% interest...
  • ...$13,000 of owed back taxes...
  • ...$26,000 owed to relatives...
  • ​...a home mortgage...
  • ​ owed on two rusted cars...
  • ​...and judgements and liens filed against them. 
They were unable to provide the basic necessities for their family; they were hounded by creditors, bill collectors, and even friends.
They use credit cards to pay for gas, small meals, and etc
Then one day the jig was up:
  • ...they were out of money...
  • ...out of credit...
  • ...had nowhere to turn...
  • ...and had a pending lawsuit filed against them.
In desperation they cried out to God--in mercy He gave them a secret.

With that secret and others like it they got out of debt, built companies that produce millions in revenue, built the home from scratch, and now are pastors teaching people the secrets they learned!

From Possible Welfare Recipient to
Multiple Six-Figure Earner!

But how did my story end, you ask.

Well...remember I had no hope.

That was until God tossed me the glimpse of a secret.

He was so wise. He never forced the secret upon me. He waited till I exhausted all MY options and was at the end of my rope.

Rather than point a condemning finger--He gave a compassionate Hand and pulled me up from the mess I created.

He showed me a secret.

And that secret--with others like it--led me on a new path: from debt and discouragement to a multiple six-figure-earner!!


I couldn't believe it!

I had to share this info!

So...I took the info learned and put it in a book. HERE IT IS...

Introducing Success Habits Christian Millionaires-

The Playbook of Christian Millionaires (and Billionaires)
"They" Don't Want You to Know

Here's What You're Going to Get Inside  of This E-Book.

  • What was the secret that turned an impoverished couple from a war-torn country into Billionaires (page 12)
  • ​What changed in the life of man that flunked out of nine...count it...nine jobs in his first six years out of college. You'll learned the secret he utilized to build a dozen companies from scratch that achieved over a billion dollar in sales. (page 19)
  • How one pastor went from being up to his eyeballs in debt to creating companies that produce millions in revenue. (Page 14)
  • How one youth pastor went from $9/hr to a real estate millionaire (page 10)​
  • ​How two former baseball pro went from broke and unemployed to real estate multimillionaires (Page 26)
  • ​The secrets John D. Rockefeller used to become the richest Christian EVER! (Page 12)
  • ​How one entrepreneur used a secret to go from almost bankrupt to a Billionaire! (page 32)
  • ​How one Zimbabwean entrepreneur took on a corrupt government and became the leading business in that country (page 51)

Here's Some of What People Are Saying On 

Here's What To Do Next!

Again: Get This Book

Again: Get This E-Book

I am giving you this book. All I'm asking you to do is cover shipping and handling.

I'm not going to take your card, stick you into some program, and charge you every month.

Not happening.

Then why I am doing this? 

Why not keep it on Amazon and sell it for a profit? Why give it away for free?

Here Are My Reasons...

I Read Every Self Help Book You Can Imagine:

If there was book on making money, being a better version of myself, thinking and growing rich I read it. And even with all the books I couldn't find my way out the mess I was in. If there was anything I needed it was God's Help. Jesus put it this way: "Self-help is no help at all. Self-sacrifice is the way, My way, to saving yourself, your true self." (Mark 8:35 MSG)

I Was Drowing

I needed a life line. Maybe this is a life line for you!

I Was Tired of Theories:

Everyone has theories on how to be wealthy (some good some bad). I wanted to know what the people who were wealthy, who were living a life of purpose, and who loved God were doing. I knew they wouldn't have "theories" they would have strategies...or a road map I could follow.

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